Open Source Motion Capture Suit - I am looking for supporters


I am work on my own LifeSim project as a hobby and I faced with question of animation recording.

I found, that there are many paid solutions for this. For example - Perception Neuron . Note, that I am not affiliated with Perception Neuron and this post is not an adds.

I found, that only one glove, without any sensors costs about 100 USD ( Shop Perception Neuron Mocap Suits – NeuronMocap ) and bundle of the software and only of 18 sensors costs about 1500 USD (Perception Neuron Motion Capture | Motion Capture for All – NeuronMocap).

It’s very expensive (for me and for many other people, I think).

Now I want to realize my own Motion Capture Suit, possible it will be open source project.

My calculations shows, that it could be realized with cheaper price. For example, for glove we will need to have 17 sensors (not from neuronmocap ). Sensors price is about 4.7 USD.

It means, that glove can cost about 17*4.7 = 80 USD for sensors and + 5…10 USD for some consumables, like wires, material base glove, etc.

Ie, we can made for 85…90 USD glove with sensors.

Software of the MOCAP suit could be opensource and will include UE Editor plugin, to record animations with MOCAP suit directly in UE Editor.

Who am I.

I am software developer from some Russian bank.

My CV:
In the past I worked as electronic developer and I can make such device. I think, development process of the device and software could take about 1.5-2 years.

The main problem, that I am not promoter, not that man, who can easily find investments for such project, I am just an engineer.

Also, I have no friends in USA and EU, to open project on sites like Patreon, Kickstarter, Indiegogo and etc.

I could open thread in , but it will look like some type of scam.

I need to buy electronic elements for building that suit (or glove, for first time), but I have not such money - I haven’t free 100 USD for it.

I also don’t want to receive moneys from anybody (to avoid taxation for me). I can post list of needed elements, that anybody of you could buy from aliexpress.

If someone of you wants to help for my project, you can donate it, by buying electronic elements for me.

As I said, dev process could take about 2 years and I would post news about dev progress every week.

I would like to know the opinion of the community - are you interested in such a project?

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