Open Source Games and Marketplace Content - Can we use marketplace content in an open source game?

Can we use marketplace content in an open source game?

What I mean is, lets say someone is working on an open source game, say it’s Creative Commons License 3.0
Can that someone or other people buy marketplace content and provide it to the other developers of the open source game? Or would this require some other licensing?

So far what I have researched in the terms and conditions of the marketplace and ue4, is inconclusive for open sourced games.

The reason i’m asking is, as one of the main developers for the Unreal Engine 4 remake of SCP : Containment Breach. It would be extremely beneficial to use some of the content i have purchased over the years to include in the game. If I were to do so, it would make said content available to anyone developing the game but since it’s an open source game, the content would be available to anyone who wanted to work or mess around with the game as well. The content would be hosted on a git server, so anyone could get it at any time.

This is where the problem seems to lie, since it’s an open source game, developers need access to content, but said content is licensed different than the whole project. Also if a developer adds marketplace content and uploads it, wouldnt this be considered illegal distribution?

Or would this be fine? Do we need to make it clear what content was licensed by marketplace and what content was open source? Or some generic disclaimer stating x content is not open source? Would the marketplace license infect the CC 3.0, vise versa?

Or is it not worth the trouble?

So, I found a few links to similar questions and it seems this is not possible. Seems like they should specify in the terms and conditions on what you can and cannot do more precisely, maybe it does and i didn’t understand.

Essentially what i gathered is, Distributing content to other developers is allowed for a specific title but isn’t allowed if the game is available to the public which open source games are.

This seemed to be the most informational.…ame-proje.html

In fact, the more I read, it seems no open source game can’t even exist in unreal engine 4. Is this true?

I think opensource game would work. But not with GPL license or something like that. And you cant make the repo public because of the license of the content from the marketplace.