Open Source C++ Weapons Module

Hello Community!

Ever get tired of rewriting code for weapons in new games or prototypes that get redundant overtime? I have an open source Weapons Module that ANYONE can use! I just started on it, but if anyone wishes to add new features or updates to this module, put up a merge request and we can evaluate together! This is indeed a WORK IN PROGRESS!

When updating the code, keep in mind of this:

  • Try to make the code base independent (not having to rely on a project’s code base).
  • Ensure to try to decouple the objects
  • Make functions virtual for reusability for the end user inheriting the parent classes or components
  • Make good clean code :wink:
  • Documentation is ENCOURAGED

To work on this, create a project then add this repo as a submodule in Git. Check out this video on the idea of submodules). Also for more information about Gameplay Modules, Check here ->…dules/Gameplay


Link to Repository:

I hope everyone enjoys an easy hookup and adds awesome new features to the project as I will be doing the same.

Happy Engineering!