Open RTS Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

Following your manual to create units, it seems like the component “RTSAttackable” isn’t there anymore.

I’m hoping to remake my warcraft 3 map in unreal engine but totally new to unreal engine. This looks great, but just wondering if this is still being actively developed? Seems most changes are from around 3 months ago

**Is it possible to replicate a mechanic like this with this plugin? I’m certainly not a programmer. I am a 3d artist artist **

Is it possible to implement my own camera controls?

Thank you so much, Mr_SquarePeg! :slight_smile:

Thanks! This has been fixed by yoonchris, a member of the community, in the meantime.

​​​​​​​Hey Coolyoshi0 :wink: I know that you’re already around over at GitHub. Just for everyone else: No, in fact, this is not “actively developed” right now. As I’m not working on a specific RTS right now, it doesn’t make much sense to add features “into the blue” without having a shipping title to verify and test everything. However, I will continue to provide bugfixes in case that’s necessary.

​​​​​​​That’s a very broad question - what are you actually referring to?

​​​​​​​Sure, as the plugin is completely open-source, you’re able to adjust camera as desired.

hi Nick,

i came across yours while im looking for a starter on doing my project. i’ve already downloaded your plugin and will try it in the next few days, but before it, i want to ask something first. im planning on reproduce a small portion of wargame: red dragon game mechanics, its RTS, but a bit different.

some that i need to point out are:

  1. i will not be creating a building to produce armies, i will directly place it on map with no need of spending resources nor points, there will be predefined armies to be deployed
  2. no gathering resources
  3. result system after the battle finished, like casualties on all sides
  4. multiplayers with only 2 sides, like 1 vs 5, or 3 vs 3
  5. others are already on your feature list, with some need of modifications

im still doing research on my project, but is it possible to implement those points using your plugin?


First of all, thank you for your work, it will sure help me out on my final degree asignment.

That said, I’m trying to use the plugin but I’m kinda lost, so I thought of checking the example project but I can’t find it anywhere in the source files.

Can you provide any link to it?

Ty so much

I have been aiming to do something similar and had the same questions. Did you ever manage to develop features like this for your project?