Open RTS Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

Hey everyone,

it’s Nick, one of the original creators of Hostile Worlds for Unreal Engine 3. I’m currently working on an

Open-Source Real-Time Strategy Plugin for Unreal Engine 4I’m aware that there already are a handful of RTS plugins for Unreal, but I really love the spirit of Unreal 4 moving to open-source, and I’d love to give something back.

Many basic features are already in place, including

  • Camera Movement & Bounds
  • Initial Unit Placement
  • Single Unit Selection
  • Movement Orders
  • Stop Orders
  • Attack Orders
  • Health, Damage (and Healing), Cooldown, Range
  • Victory Conditions

All of this is already completely working in multiplayer as well, and has been fully exposed to scripting, enabling you to update UI and play animations and sounds.

As I’m moving on to more advanced stuff, such as units automatically returning fire using an acquisition radius, minimap or fog of war, I thought now might the right time for sharing everything.

I’m going to add it to the Unreal Marketplace for free soon ™.

As always, any feedback is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

This is a pleasant surprise for me to wake up to. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for making your plugin open source. :slight_smile:

This is really cool thanks for sharing your work, it was always one of our plans to make a RTS game after modding one for years we have a lot of content to do so.

Do you plan on adding a zoom function for the mouse wheel?

Thanks for the warm words! This will definitely keep me going :slight_smile:

Sure, zoom function for the mouse wheel shouldn’t be too hard. Added it to the feature list! Which RTS game have you been modding? :slight_smile:

Hey Nick,

I am commenting on several features and making a few feature requests. :slight_smile:

I hope that this is ok.

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This would be awesome. I’d be keen to see some of the heavier features getting emphasis over the easier ones - as an example, I’d like to see unit ‘squad’ handling, as well as a decent solution for handling large numbers of pathfinding pawns.

I have no time to commit to such a project, but feel free to pick my brains about implementation of stuff here and there.

Sure, go ahead! :slight_smile:

Thanks, will do :slight_smile:

Thanks, we mod a game called Supreme Commander 2 we have been modding it since it got released you can find the mod here , its a large scale RTS so if we were to bring it over to UE4 the unit cap would have to be reduced a lot, seeing UE4 doesn’t support Lockstep Networking, but one thing the Supreme Commander games always had was strategic zoom were you could pretty much zoom out a view the complete map, anyways keep up the good work this looks promising.

You can however, implement it yourself, either at the engine level or built into your gameplay network code.

You could but that a bit out side of my knowledge at this point in time lol.

don’t make a game that allows too many units, then the client-server approach can work. or draw an optic cable to your friends to play with :slight_smile:

btw I have recently updated my C++ RTS camera mini tutorial with various move/rotate/zoom and ground level following functionalities. use it if you need :slight_smile:

Opened issue #40 Squad Handling](Squad Handling · Issue #40 · npruehs/ue4-rts · GitHub)!

Okay wow :slight_smile: To be completely honest, while I spent decades in Blizzard RTS games, I haven’t played Supreme Commander. But “Complete Overhaul / Total Conversion Mod” sounds like a lot of work. And the result looks amazing - I can imagine that the pure number of units is a real USP of the game.

I’m sure it can. We’ll see how far we can go with clever replication first :slight_smile: Would be really nice not to have to re-write the whole networking layer (and everything above).

Thanks, sounds like it could come in handy! Added a comment to issue #37 Zoom Camera](Zoom Camera · Issue #37 · npruehs/ue4-rts · GitHub).

Also, I’ve added projectiles and closed issue #25 Fire Projectile](Fire Projectile · Issue #25 · npruehs/ue4-rts · GitHub). I think that pooling is a whole different task (which can be a lot of work), and heavily depends on how re-usable projectiles are in your specific game (e.g. just change static mesh? or attach multiple particle effects?). I’ve added #41 Projectile Pooling](Projectile Pooling · Issue #41 · npruehs/ue4-rts · GitHub)for this.


To be honest, SupCom 2 is a lot like Command and Conquer and not so much like it’s predecessor (which had a far greater scale), which was a shame. Perfectly playable game, just not the sequel many were hoping for.

Yeah 2000 units per player on a engine that was mainly single core lol but it still handled it really well without any sync issues, the 1st game was pretty big in the modding scene it had inbuilt mod and map support, and its still played today even know its was made back in 2007.

When testing the plugin out i found that ordering the demo unit/dummy around it would kill the move order rather than replacing the order, creating the unit to stop and start moving you should be able to fix that pretty simple just thought i would point it out.

Yeah thats because it was made around the XBox 360, but thats what our mods focus on was bring SupCom 2 back to its original roots and most people would say we did do that, a fan of the mod made this trailer for the mod feel free to watch it, the game was very limited when it come down to modding mainly because the game was rushed and never finished by GPGs.

I remember seeing about Hostile Worlds back in the UDK forums. when you guys released the source for Hostile Worlds I was positively surprised :slight_smile:
nice to see you around here, and with even more awesome stuff

I’ll be keeping an eye on this

if possible I’d suggest Resource Gathering and Base Building as feature requests

It is really great that something happening in the direction of RTS for UE4, in addition, that itself old udk veterans of the hostiles maker join.
I found Hostiles World its time genuinely interesting and inspiring, and were was not so many good tutorial stuff on net to simply make your basic own.
Remark: RTS Eample like this was awesome beeing programmed on the bulky Unreal Script.

Thanks to your help and support, ue4 could still become attractive for hobby stratos and semi too.

I would like to expand on this -
Being able to define what resources are called (Stone for example), how many resources there are would be awesome and units that require

Support for vehicles would be awesome.

Now this feature request may sound strange. Support for territories / Borders similar to how it was done in Rise of Nations. This would be useful for much larger game worlds.

Please make the Squad handling like MoW Assault Squad 2.
For those dont know how it works, i will simply describe.
Select one of the squad to command him seperate and double click command the whole squad, also add and detach members to squad.

I have a few request:

1# Squad Handling: as above described.

2# Usable MG Stands: like MoW Assault Squad 2, this means the MG can on a perch(static model with stairway and platform).

3# Heavy portable weapons that can be aligned at rest with radius, mortar or LMG for 2 squad members (Comapny of Heroes 1-2 / Dawn of War 2 / MoW Assault Squad 2).

4# Optical radius for weapons (Dawn of War 2).

5# Protect Trenches: Dont know if this simply done by use static mesh. Or we must wait for these system Skunkwerks Game Tools : Dynamic Terrain Deformation Plugin - Marketplace - Epic Developer Community Forums to place protect trenches in runtime on landscape. (MoW Assault Squad 2)

6# Dynamic Cover System: means covering on static and skeletal mesh in place in runtime. For example: a tank goes in idle state and covering can be done, went from idle in move state and the cover dissolves. this could be a starting point->> Cover Generator - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

I agree fully for building placement, sandbags, tank barricades and basebuilding and territory lines they expand on acquisition for example like watch tower’s for Large Scale or Mainmap Systems (you know Settler 2).
There are so many features what would be requested, and after a month the project is dying because of personal matters or a new project, as so often.

Everything but probably too much of the good for an ambitious open source project, one may still dream :wink:

So then one of the both systems „Age of Total Heroes” - Custom RTS System - Game Development - Epic Developer Community Forums are realeased i have to put all the gameplay mechanics from these system in Sivans to accquire the better pathfindingsolution and network stability.
Or is an stable new network solution already planned for the plugin (Lockstebbing or the new solution used of Ashes of Singularity)???

Sorry for my harsh words. I know you spend you freetime for us people to make something special. You earn my respect.
I am very much pessimistic about the whole thing.