[OPEN] Program A Music Visualizer Plugin - $1500 USD


I am needing a skilled UE4 Programmer to program a Realtime Music Visualizer that is capable of collecting Sound Frequencies from Windows and sending them to Float Values in UE4 Blueprint.

The end result will allow me to play music in the background using whatever program I want (Itunes, Winamp, etc), and Unreal 4 will be able to use those frequency values in Blueprint to drive a Music Visualization Game.

The only Music Visualization Plugin for UE4 so far is (ExiSoundViz), but this plugin does not use realtime Windows sound, it crashes quite a lot, and it doesn’t seem to pick up the right values most of the time.

I believe the cleanest way to create this would be to program a non-UE4 separate process that runs in the background, which does the job of splitting up Sound frequencies of the Windows Sound.
Once that is completed, then you would need to figure out a way to send those values to Unreal 4 so that I can access them in Blueprint to drive the music visualization of my Game.

The Game I am working on is SpaceDreamVR, and this element of the game must completed before I am able to release the game.

My budget is negotiable, but I plan on spending $1000 USD.

Sounds like a lot of work; that plugin seems like a great solution, maybe you could ask author to add an option to read sound from the board instead of loading OGG… And make it multitheaded, right now it runs on the main game thread that’s proly why you experience crashes.

Hello, has any one taken up the task yet?

My skype id is envenger you can pm me if the task is still available.

This is not generally possible. Only the program playing the sound will be able to capture the sound waves.
If you want to capture the sound of other programs, then you need to do some seriously advanced Windows kernel / driver programming, which will:

  1. Require escalation to install (bad for users)
  2. Require kernel-level C/C++ programming (hard and rare skill)
  3. Blue screen the computer if there is any bug

So, if you want to capture the sound that’s being played within your game, and expose it to blueprint, that’s okay, and your budget is not entirely out of line for something simple.
If you want to capture the sound played on the computer, your budget is at least a factor 100 too small.