Open passage through wall

Hello dear Unreal Enginge Community. I would have a problem with the program, where I couldn’t find a solution yet and hoped to find it here.
If I build a wall and put an open passageway in it, I can’t walk through it with my character if I want to test it. It simply remains standing in front of an Alpha wall. Maybe someone can help me and tell me how to handle and solve something like that. It should be a big passage in the wall and not just a smaller door. Like a big company building.
I thank you very much for any kind of help and look forward to your answers.

Yours sincerely: S1G CO CEO

its likely a issue with your collision on the mesh. in the content browser double click the mesh to open it, then near the top click collision then simple collision. this should show a green box around your mesh which represents its simple collision. if you let the engine auto generate collision it will create a box around the mesh and wont take into account holes or concave features.

now the proper way to fix this would be to create a custom collision in your 3d model editor, but as a testing method you can enable the use complex as simple collision setting which is located in the static mesh setting (i dont have the engine open atm so cant be more specific)

Edit: i just opened the engine, the setting i mentioned is actually in the collision section under collision complexity.