Open ocean best practise or how to delete the island of he ocean water actor

i am building a product visualization for an offshore wind-park.
I am trying to get just an endless open water plane or at least distant enough that i can hide the hard edge with fog.

How do you do it? I went to the documentation (and 20 or so tutorials ) but most of the time they all create 1. a landscape 2. water body 3

but that also always creates the island. I can not delte it without deleting also the water plane.
Could I not just create a landscape or tesselated plane and use a water material on top?

Or what would you suggest to get rid of the island?

thank you very much for any hints and tricks

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There are a couple ways to do this.
First thing you can try is use the custom water.
All it is is a simple plane that you can add the waves assets too.
I would suggest adding a plane with more subdivisions because the standard plane is not dense enough for decent waves.
The best thing to do but also more complicated is make a change to 2 of the materials used by the water brush manager. But it would allow you to keep the landscape under it and use the far water meshes.
1: On the landscape_waterbrushmanager scroll down to find the top 2 materials, brush angle falloff, brush width falloff. duplicate those.
2: open the material duplicates and change the output from unpack to pack, basically not using the landscape deform operations( image provided to show what it needs to be)

3: switch out those in your water brush manager to the new ones.
4: after dragging in the water body ocean, select the spline points of the island, drag them up a bit.
5: click the “select all spline points” options and simply set their locations to 0,0,0.
6: you should now have the ocean without the islands. Select the WaterZone object and find the far distance mesh extent. increasing that will give you distant water to fill in the horizon.

That should give you the scene you wanted :slight_smile:


THANK YOU. I solved today all other issues with the build and plan and created all assets and tomorrow morning Im jumping into your guide.

Also I’ll figure out how to get that sweet distant fog working to hide the horizon end. I’ll post my progress here as well :wink:

Good to hear!
Would love to see it.
Volumetric fog really helps blend the horizon.
Always happy to help :slight_smile:

Your solution with the two modified materials works perfectly for me!
Thanks @D13on :ok_hand:

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I’m trying to understand your tutorial, but I’m not entirely there so far…

The bit about “allowing to keep the landscape under it” is confusing me, because the point is that I don’t want any landscape at all (preferrably, not even have that plugin enabled).

After making the changes, that annoying spline is still there, and attempting to put all spline points at 0,0,0 crashes the engine!

Hi! it has been a while since i last tried it so im not sure to what degree it still works on newer versions of the engine. The “landscape under it” referred to being able to have an ocean with a landscape under the water, without having the ocean splines themselves modify the landscape(like adding an island) If in your case you dont want any landscape at all under the water you can try the custom water as i explained in the top part. have to retry the water stuff in recent ue versions to see if anything else might work. :slight_smile: