Open New Editor in Tab (Single Monitor Mode)

Hi, maybe it’s already in there, though I haven’t found it yet. I know I should get a second and probably third monitor for game development. But even if I had a 2nd monitor I’d probably like an option to open say the material or blueprint editor in a new tab instead of its own window by default.

thanks for hearing me out. Love the engine!

I love this idea; shifting back and fourth between blueprint can be a real pain when you’re trying to isolate a bug with your scenes, so having it as a tab instead of another window would be great…

Also vote on this idea.
I think that could be an option within settings editor (or in Quick Settings) of, and could be a similar option with browsers: “Forcing new windows open in tabs”.
With this, people who have only one monitor, would be better served.

Another suggestion would be for each window type (the material editor, the blueprint editor, main editor, etc.) have an icon (if possible with different colors for each type) to make it easier to identify each type of tab.