This is a port of yasgamesdev’s OpenMOBA, running on the UETOPIA backend.

Built to scale! Open Source / Free*


Walk Through

Included competitive eSports features
In-game Tournaments
Customizable Metagame
Leader board
Recent Players
Player data persistence (rank, level, score, etc)
Server management

Detailed feature descriptions

Connect players and teams of players into games. Customizable to tune to your games specific requirements. Designed to scale without limits.

Run tournaments without the need for any external tournament management software. Designed to scale.

Factions, Seasons, Control grid, and resource collection.

Leader board
Built in ELO ranking system. You can implement your own, or use an external API.

Standard friends support which shows current game playing, server or match location, and online status. Invite friends to a party from here.

Recent players
Shows the most recent players that you’ve come in contact with. Invite players to your friends list from here.

Party / Team
Group up with friends and compete together.

Player Data Persistence
All information related to the player is retained. A player keeps all of this data when joining new matches.

Server management
All servers are controlled and allocated dynamically. Servers are only online for the duration of the match. Keeping servers offline when not in use saves money.

  • All game code, and the UETOPIA plugin are open source, and free. You are still bound by Epic’s license agreement. The backend is free to use, but must be configured correctly or server uptime charges may apply. Follow the walkthrough to get set up.

This is not my game code. The blueprints come from yasgamesdev, and there may be issues or problems.

Questions / comments? I’d love to hear from you.

Fixed video links.

New functionality just added: Use offers, vouchers, and badges to grant access to specific game modes, servers, or functionality in-game.