Open license Fantasy music?

So I’ve been thinking about music lately, until now I’ve just had placeholder mono toned sounds / ambiance. The game setting is High Fantasy, and also has a world running in a Tabletop campaign. I was thinking I may test out the music in the tabletop setting on loops to see if it will fit into the themes I’m working with.

Are there any sites that host free for commercial use content sort-able by musical type? Perhaps by instrument? Something? Hah.

Really any suggestions would be worthwhile.

“High Fantasy” doesn’t have specific genre associated with it.

You can have faux-medieval tunes, classical orchestral music, and even death metal in fantasy setting, depending on the story.

Either way, you could check and soundcloud for anything with compatible CC license.

If you search for anything special, i can suggest, browsing soundcloud for creatives and ask them, to generate something for you.
It works :wink: