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Hi, sorry for my English at first…
I would like to know, how to share some informations from one level to another. My situation is that I have a level called “Login”, where player can join a specific level. Let’s call this specific level “World”. During logging, client’s level blueprint recieves some informations (like player location, player health status, etc.) that I need to transfer to the “World”, where they can be applied. When I was using OPEN LEVEL node, I noticed that there is an string input called OPTIONS. I’m not pretty sure what this input is made for, but I thought it’s for these things. I made one string (with all these informations) using APPEND node and connected it to the OPTIONS input. If you don’t know, what input I mean, then look at the image below…
The string was made by this function:

And now, how can I use it in the level blueprint of “World”?? I don’t know, where to take the options from… Or if you know a different way how to do it, let me know.
Thank you :slight_smile:

take a look at CommandLineArguments (the option string is everything after your mapname)

the biggest problem for you is that by default there is no way to get the options in blueprint (but with c++). I had a simular problem an added the following notes to my gametype:


UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, BlueprintPure, Category="Game",meta = (FriendlyName = "GetOptions"))
virtual FString GetOptions();

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "Game", meta = (FriendlyName = "ParseOption"))
virtual FString K2ParseOption(const FString& OptionString, const FString& OptionName);


FString AYourGame::GetOptions()
	return OptionsString;

FString AYourGame::K2ParseOption(const FString& OptionString, const FString& OptionName)
	return ParseOption(OptionString,OptionName);

Also search for “GameInstance” it allows to store information over multiple levels (not sure if its perfect for you)

Well, GameInstance is absolutely perfect for what I need… Thank you very much. I didn’t know about this utility :slight_smile: Found an awesome video here:

I’m glad I could help :slight_smile:

Thank you for this!