Open Level to slow!


Currently in my game I am having some problems.
When I use the “Open Level” node the level takes too long to load, approximately it take 10 - 30 seconds. I think it’s because it has some for loops process when it begins play, there are not too long process, they only generate one room next to another, depending the quantity (maximum 6 rooms, or max 6 times in the for loop).
My question is how can I make an open level function faster?

Hi CamXil Studios,

I’ve had this problem before - it seems to take a long time to load a (relatively) simple level. The way to solve this is by using level streaming and only loading a small part of your level first. If your level is indoors then its much easier. Divide your level into different sub-levels and only have the small level where the player spawns active. Then using BP you can dynamically load other parts of the level as needed. Is not hard to do, and you can just assign the assets in your level to different sublevels.

Hope this helps!

That sounds like an interesting solution, but I am not sure and I did’nt mention it before but my project is an endless runner. In the cases where I use “Open level” are when the player enters to a portal so I am not sure how to use level streaming in this case. :confused:

Ah, so its an endless runner. Well, you might still be able to use the same principle by loading a smaller “chunk” of the level first. Also, consider using fully dynamic lighting (no baking), as loading the lighting data takes time. Make sure your directional and skylight are movable and enable distance fields in your project settings.

See if that helps!