Open Level Not working

I am setting up a main menu including a play button, as shown below the Play button when clicked is set to open the level name Main_Level, Whenever the button is clicked it instead quits the game. The first image is the main menu blueprint graph and the second image is the Main_Level Blueprint. Any help is needed!!

But your are in “Main_Level” and you want to open “Main_Level” ?

Allow me to rephrase this, no matter what level i try to load it just quits the game instead of loading said level

You are completely correct, im relatively new to unreal and didnt understand what was wrong until you pointed out the fact that i was doing this all in one level and needed to set it to two different levels. it was switching levels its just it would reopen the menu whenever you loaded it. Problem solved thanks

Hi Coiledpyrofire, I am having the same problem. Could you please explain in more detail on how you resolved your problem? I am also new to unreal. Much appreciated!

i got the same problem at android ,it didnt open the level2 it reopen the current level ,

I had the same problem, but managed to fix mine. Make sure the Levels / Maps you want to include in your Packaged Game, are inside the Packaged section in Project Settings.


Navigate to Project Settings → Packaging → “List of Maps you want to include in Package” and add your Maps from the Game Folder.

If you want to save yourself from adding all your levels to that list you can instead check the box “Cook everything in the project content directory (ignore list of maps below)”.

I also need an explaination of how you fixed this issue!!!