Open Level not working - Maybe a read issue?

I developed a game for PC a while back and am now getting it all optimised for Android.

I know everything works and I know there are no ‘major’ bugs as the game has been out for PC for nearly two years and is very stable.

So, after I optimised things, 'reduce textures sizes, simply materials, etc etc, it was ready to test on Android. I have a Note10+ and it ran super smooth when I launched the level - no issues there.

I packaged the game and exported for Android ETC2, then installed the game using the BAT file and all worked great. I was able to play through the game, collect everything, interact with everything (except the destructible meshes - but that’s a different story) and I thought, great, lets start getting it on the PlayStore.

EVERYTHING is working on the play store and I was able to create an alpha release and rollout to the testers. From that point is when my woes began!

My old Samsung Galaxy S6 can download the game and play as normal (still needs a touch more optimisation for that device), they can access all levels and play through to the end. My Note10+ however, can’t access the tutorial level - the first level of the game. You can enter the level select map from the main menu, but, when you try to access the tutorial map, it fires off the loading screen which quickly disappears and then…nothing. The player is still stood there, not gone anywhere, nothing has opened and no new level is loaded. All the maps for packaging are in the maps list, I even have ignore maps and cook all content ticked. I also tried with and without disable verify OBB on initial install, neither of which appear to work.

I feel like either the OBB isn’t being read properly, there is an old cached version saved somewhere on the phone and it’s reading something from that and that’s causing an issue or there is an issue with UE4 and Android 10. I have tried to fix the issue 6 times now and each time, I have to push an update on Google Play and it’s taking around 2 days each time I update as google is struggling to approve the pushes quickly. I am honestly stumped and getting more and more frustrated with this stupid and probably simple issue.

If anyone can please shed any light on this, I would be OVER the MOON!

If you need log files, screenshots, access to the app to test yourself, anything, I will supply it all! Save my sanity!



SOLVED! OK, so, I changed the target from 29 to 28 and while it kicks up a warning in PlayStore, I can click past that and it now works on Android 10. See! I said it would be something simple!

It doesn’t feel like a real fix however, but, it will do for now.