Open level node unresponsive


I’m having an issue when I go to load my level from a menu stage, I hit start game and have the open level node function open the first stage, but instead of loading it gets stuck and says its unresponsive.

can somebody explain to me why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?
There is quite a lot of stuff in the map so narrowing it down manually wont be an option.

bumping this because I need an answer to my questions

A screenshot of your blueprints would really help… and narrowing it down manually is what program debug is. You need to start somewhere and start working through it to figure out the issue. So lets start with your open level graph.

firstly, thank you for taking the time to help me out, now lets see if we can fix this little pickle, here is the blueprint I’m using to open the level, the menu stage as well as the level I’m trying to open from the menu stage.
I’m not entirely sure why the main stage wont load from the start stage, but I think I might be going about it the wrong way this being my first video game after all, it is in VR, so its quite resource heavy, I’m hoping thats not why, is there a way to preload a stage before its opened?

No problem. Thank you for the additional information.

I’m going to assume when you click start game that the sound and the particle effects play. I’m also going to assume the name of the level in open level node is correct.

That being said if it becomes unresponsive, it sounds to me there is something wrong with the actual level, or the level is simply to heavy to load all at once. How long do you wait? Will it eventually load if you wait long enough?

I would say instead of opening the level in one whole pass like this, you should be loading the level in stages behind the scenes and with streaming volumes. So even though the player is at the start game menu, you should already be loading the level. (Actually you should be loading the area the player will begin in). Then as the player moves through the level you should be using streaming volumes to load and unload parts of the level that the player is moving into and from.

This is a good primer on level streaming by epic: Getting Started with Level Streaming | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

I swapped it around and tried to load the startupmap from the maingamearea map, the startup map is tiny, but still froze when using the open level node, meaning it isn’t the map size thats the problem, but the way I’m trying to load up the map is wrong to begin with.
Can you please show me the correct way to set up a map so it can be loaded with the open level node in blueprint?

it was the widget causing the crash, If I chose the node to disable the widget before loading the level it loads the level correctly, however I can no longer move the player pawn, my movement controls are now not working when the level loads, got any ideas how to fix that?

Did you playercontroller-> Set Input Mode Game Only?