Open Level node opens the level black screen in Stand Alone

There are 2 different levels in my game. One is for the main menu and the other one is the game level. When you click the button in the main menu, Open Level node loads the game level. Everything works fine and map loads perfectly in New Editor Window but it opens the level black screen in Stand Alone mode. This also happening in my packaged game, because I think packaged game acts same as Stand Alone mode. I’ve tried to delete and put a new Open Level node but didn’t work. I am also sure that I spelled the level name in node correctly. For your information, game at default launch on the main menu level as it should. Then I am moving to game level with a button.

I’m so close to publish my game but this problem stopped the whole process. Any help would be appreciated.

Not sure I understand your problem but have you checked that “Maps & Modes” is correct in the Project Settings?

I have the exact same problem as Justicetea, it works well when playing in viewport, but when the game is packaged or I play as standalone game, the level that should open just stays black, and not even the music starts playing. I have another level that opens with the same exact code and works well. Maps & Gamemode is all correct. Thanks in advance.