Open level node crashes PIE (Play-In-Editor)

Hello. I’m trying to make a loading screen with a progress bar. the loading screen is in its own level. but when the open level node executes. it all fails and the PIE crashes. can someone help me solve this. thanks

At the very least, you’d need to copy and paste whatever error causes the crash for people to review…

As far as I’m aware, the system itself works fine in the latest version. it is probably something related to your build.

An important consideration too, Pie crashed for testing mobile games if levels were not put int he main content directory with the version before last .23 of the engine. If you happen to be building for mobile, maybe you are having the same issue.

This is the error: TravelFailure: ClientTravelFailure, Reason for Failure: ‘Invalid URL: /Game/ThirdPersonBP/Maps/MainMenu’. Shutting down PIE.

No matter what i do nothing works. And im doing a pc game. not mobile

Well, its saying that Game/ThirdPersonBP/Maps/MainMenu
doesn’t exist.
so, is that folder and level within your content folder?

Yeah it is

Try creating a /levels folder in your main directory and moving all the level files to it.

folder structure is usually important on a project.
having levels shoved into sub directories usually implies they are test levels for whatever plugin/addon you are testing - in this case the third person BP.

That said, if the level exists at the given directory, then the URL wouldn’t be invalid. The editor may be stuck on stupid - happens some times.

after creating the folder and moving the levels, right click the content folder and select “fix redirection”. That should take care of it.