Open Level Function Crashing, but level already used once in game, must I unload?

In essence I have a menu level which is my menu called “menu”. Game starts up with “menu”. Hitting start in “menu” loads “mapLevel”. Works great. Player finishes level and I want to have a key that returns to the “menu” level. This is the level that started my whole game, already worked once, so I know it works. When I use Open Level to “menu” UE4 crashes. If I test with a default starter map, it works 123 just as it should. So it seems going back to a level I already had open is causing the problem? Some sort of recursion?

When I jump from one level to another, must have then do something like “unload” the previous level to free up namespace or memory? How can I get this menu -> play level -> original menu functionality?

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are you using UMG? With UMG in UE 4.4 i had the problem that it crashes when there`s still UI visible when loading another level. That could be fixed by removing all UI from Viewport before loading another level.

I don’t believe I am using UMG…as I don’t know what UMG is. I am using UE4.1 I believe.

Can you elaborate on your idea of removing all UI from a viewport?

What is happening is after my menu is used, I load a level…we play…we win, and then I am using the HUD to draw a black rectangle over the level, and then overlay with text. So technically the level is behind the black rectangle I guess - but it is NOT the menu level. At this point I try to load the menu level…crash.

If I try to load a default starter content map…using the 100% exact same process (just changing the file name in the graph) - it works. This leads me to believe I have it ballpark right…?

It is one of those things where I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Can someone smarter than I help me out?


The hell were you doing using 4.1 and not the most recent version at the time, then? I hardly feel bad at all

Check the date.