Open Level Freeze

I have a simple VR widget setup that when you click a button it opens a level, but every time I try it, it freezes the game. Has anyone else had this issue? I’m using unreal 4.18.2 from source.

Freeze like you can’t turn the camera? Check the spawn position of your actor.

It freezes the engine entirely. I actually narrowed it down to the freeze being caused by having the Steam Audio plug in being enabled and inserting the -audiomixer flag in the Unreal shortcut, so now I have to figure out why that’s giving me issues.

yeah I got the same problem, haven’t worked out how to fix it yet, did you work it out? how did you work out that is was the plugin causing your issue?

Any updates on this? Been having problems for months with no luck -_-

its more then likely that you have your player character to respawn on load and every time its destroyed its trying to load multiple levels, either that or you haven’t set your levels up properly in the levels menu, go to window>levels, set the visibility