Open Level Freeze on packaged build. Not in PIE

Hi, I’m packaging a project. It’s one level. When the player wins/loses, it opens the level again to restart.

In PIE, it works great.

When I package, and it gets to the Load level logic, the screen freezes for about 30 seconds and stops accepting input.
Then the screen goes black, and it starts accepting keyboard input so I can quit the game.

Here’s the blueprint logic. What am I missing? Thank you!

Ok, I found the logs in the packaged folder (project name\Saved\Logs). This behavior is happening on another project as well. Here’s what’s suspicious in the logs:

[2020.02.20-17.27.36:915][447]LogNet: Browse: /Game/Maps/Level1
[2020.02.20-17.27.36:920][447]LogHMD: FSplash::OnShow
[2020.02.20-17.27.36:920][447]LogLoad: LoadMap: /Game/Maps/Level1
[2020.02.20-17.27.36:920][447]LogWorld: BeginTearingDown for /Game/Maps/Level1
[2020.02.20-17.27.36:921][447]LogWorld: UWorld::CleanupWorld for Level1, bSessionEnded=true, bCleanupResources=true
[2020.02.20-17.27.36:921][447]LogSlate: InvalidateAllWidgets triggered.  All widgets were invalidated
[2020.02.20-17.27.36:922][447]LogAudioMixer: Display: No commands were queued while flushing the source manager.
[2020.02.20-17.27.36:926][447]LogUObjectHash: Compacting FUObjectHashTables data took   1.58ms
[2020.02.20-17.28.06:929][447]LogHMD: Error: Splash ovrp_WaitToBeginFrame 1 failed (-1000)
[2020.02.20-17.28.06:929][447]LogStreaming: Display: Flushing async loaders.
[2020.02.20-17.28.06:944][447]LogHMD: Error: Splash ovrp_WaitToBeginFrame 1 failed (-1000)
[2020.02.20-17.28.06:944][447]LogHMD: Error: Splash ovrp_WaitToBeginFrame 1 failed (-1000)
[2020.02.20-17.28.06:945][447]LogHMD: Error: Splash ovrp_WaitToBeginFrame 1 failed (-1000)

Which brings me to this bug I think:

Which says to check the OculusVR plugin and add some nodes to the Blueprint. I added the nodes, but I still got the same problem.

It’s not a VR game, so I turned off the plugin and it worked.

Thank you FunAndFriendly for posting this. I can confirm this sorted my problem out. Just for some background info for those looking:

All I had was a third person template, and a object to open level on collision. All created from within default starter content.

in editor, everything was perfect. In packaged build, only exes shipped via versions 4.22-4.23 worked, 4.24 and 4.25 did not, I reinstalled engine 4.24 to be certain but the problem persisted.

So yes, remove anything from VR Plugins. I dont know what will happen if we need to create a VR game, but then, we werent using the VR template in this case, so maybe it would have worked in that scenario.

Hurray! Glad it helped and good luck with your project.