Open level crashing

i have a level setup to open with a box trigger and when i walk though the box trigger my player falls through the world and crashes.the level opener works with other starter levels but not the ones i make. i don’t know what i have wrong did i save the world i want to spawn into wrong. the level i want to spawn into is made of terrain and foliage about 8x8 terrain boxes long( idk what they are called)

Have you saved your map into the content folder? With crash you mean that the engine closes? When yes, could you probably post your log file? :slight_smile:

which content folder should i save it in

In your project content folder -> ProjectName - Content - e.g save it into map

should i save the level i am try to spawn in in the content folder or both

I would recommend you to save everything in your content folder (assets, maps,…)