Open Level causes Game to Crash

Hi there. I have an Actor that consists of a CollisionBox that should trigger a Map Change:

but the Game (PIE, not tested on a Standalone Game, because it crashes at startup) crashes when I touch the CollisionBox.

ClientTraveFailure says the Error. The thing is that the Error says it wants to load Engine/Maps/Entry (the Default Map in Project Settings) and not the Map I want to load.

Try and add a DoOnce node.

Does not seem to help :confused:

Have you checked that the Map variable is correct? What is the ? doing there in your Append node?

Ahhh. Thank you. I need to point to /Game/Maps/Mapname instead of /Maps/Mapname.

The ? is a separator for Arguments

You don’t have to provide a path for the Map name; the engine is supposed to find it’s path if you don’t have Maps of same name in different folders.