Open Level BP 1 of my levels black screens

i have recently started using open level from a manu and that works fine then i go to open another level that i have made and it loads but with a black screen and only 13 assets in the top right when there is atleast 400 in the level…
probably a probably a simple issue but it has me stumped
thanks in advance.

Just came across this same issue but I’m using 4.10 Preview 4.

Oh…That was silly of me. My problem was I named one of my levels “Entry” and it was loading the engine map. ‘Slaps self and moves along’…

Yeah I wish my one was that simple I checked it a few times with no luck :confused:
My other 4 leaves works fine

Risking to post something silly here: Maybe you are loading an other level (eg a transfer level) than you think and this one has no light and therefore is just pitch black?

Yeah I thought about that because I do have the light intensity right down in the level but the Main issue is only 14 actors get loaded into the level including the level itself instead of the 400+ acters I have placed its really weird.

Corrupted Level Had to Restart