Open Level at different Player start points


I am new to Blueprints so please bare with me.

I have 2 levels.

On level 1 I have 4 Checkpoints at different locations.

On level 2 I have 4 Start points at different locations.

When I activate each checkpoint on Level 1 I want to be transported to corresponding start points on level 2. Any ideas?

I have set up 4 different player starts on Level 2 each with unique Player start tags. From level 1 I approach each checkpoint and click them to be transported to level 2.

Inside each BP for checkpoint I have on clicked where I connect it to Open Level and put Level 2, but how to I choose to be transported to the specific player starts on level 2? How do I use the Player Start tags? Or must I use teleport to specify the exact location and forget the player starts.

If anyone could show me how to Blueprint this or point to any tutorials I would be very grateful. Thanks.

[USER=“588192”]Graeme VR[/USER] You need to store info on which start point you want to use before you leave level 1. If you’re using a persistent level you can give this to a BP, if you’re chaining one map after another, you’ll need to put it in the savegame info.

When level 2 starts, the level BP can look for the info you stored and move the player to the correct point.

Use one default player start and then move the player on begin play from there to the desired location.

You can also try to use the node Get All Actors of Class (Player Start), this creates an Array of all Player Starts, then you connect a Get with 0, which should be PlayerStart (not PlayerStart1, PlayerStart2 and so on), I guess.

Thanks for the feedback and help.