open level as a client

hello forum, i got a problem, maybe one of you can help me, i have a multiplayer, i play a map with a listen server and just 1 client, the problem is when i change map with open level function blueprint, when this happen i lost my client!!, now i have like a 2 server instances, instead regular client and server, . (that sucks!) even the print debug no make a diference just print a regular message instead client: print this…, server: print this…


well i found the answer easy, if you wish know is somthing like that>
you need invoke the open level command with a special syntax> myMap?listen, this open the map like a listen server and then the client must open the map write instead the map name this> that open and connect with the server in local mode!! this is great but here is the trick, you need package to windows, in a build works fine, because in the editor mode crash, maybe a bug or what ever, no metter anyway!