Open Letter to Epic [Mobile Development]

Epic’s target are developers. Developers targets are end users.

Developer doesn’t mean game developer.

End user doesn’t mean customer.

+1 to the OP

I would like some official response to this as I am also a mobile developer.

Hi Guys,

Thx for your comments and concerns. Much of the next two releases for iOS are targeted at implementing the rest of the iOS specific features (Push Notifications, iCloud, etc.), improving developers ability to develop/debug games, and reducing footprint. With that in mind, we are working on the following for iOS for 4.8 (this not a guarantee they will make it, but is currently the plan):

Push Notifications
Facebook API update (possibly blue prints)
Building iOS from PC more easily
Better support for third party frameworks and plugins
Direct support for Simulator as a platform in the editor
Cooked Data Size Dialog (a simple version of this is already in, but not exposed)
General bug fixing

I have also been looking in to IPA size, but the biggest issue there is executable size and how much code we are linking in to it, so reducing that is very slow going as I have to disentangle modules we don’t need from the modules we do need.


thanks for the response Pete :slight_smile:

and what about android?

Hi Guys,

On the Android side, OBB downloading is currently being work on for 4.8. We’re also looking into package size concerns, faster iteration, and easier plugin integration.

  • Chris

Thank you Pete and Chris. Just hearing this being acknowledged again really does take some of stress away.
Thank you.
Even if just OBB auto-download support works… this will enable me to release 2 titles currently gathering dust.

I really do appreciate the feedback.
Thanks again.