Open land ? landmass ? are they the same?

just been checking out Open land from the market place but I am getting a little confused…
so using open land you can use masks to set bound like on a slope so a set material will show but the landmass plugin also can set a material on a slope in a very similar way both can use noise to jitter the blending…

my question is dose this now make open land redundent has ue4 used the techniques from open land for the landmass plugin ? as the guy demonstrating it uses the landmass plugin but uses his open land material masks?

is there still a use for open land ? am I missing something?

Hey, I am the OpenLand developer here. I am a fan of Landmass, it’s not a replacement to OpenLand but something which can work hand in hand. Let me clarify what they are:

  • Landmass: Unreal’s built-in terrain building toolkit which also can paint landscape layers
  • OpenLand: It’s a landscape auto-material with a lot of goodies for building landscapes (RVT support, masks, etc)

Our smart mask is an auto-material-based masking solution that can alter the material & spawn grass. Technically, it’s possible to implement similar in landmass, but I find it easier to do in the material.

BTW: OpenLand works really well with landmass & landscape edit layers. Here’s a video I recently did with layer painting with landmass/water plugin & removing grass.

thanks for clarifying that… its a good tool… I’m thinking this would be useful to use in the world composition where editable layers are not supported and get similar results. it is nice :wink:

this is my landscape auto material I have split the auto materials up to stop overdraw on the full map but it allows a second or third auto material to be sprayed on or just individual materials (NOTE sections where two auto materials meet cost adds up) something like this and your OpenLand working together would be great hope you find it useful as I have found your material