Open Game Engine Exchange (OpenGEX) format support

Hi. It would be nice for UE4 to support OpenGEX format. Blender users would be really happy.

UE4 supports .t3d which does something similar

Except T3D is Unreal internal. OpenGEX is an exchange format like COLLADA (only a bit easier to work with).

I don’t think t3d is specific to unreal, and many programs support it already

I think it’s matter of adaptation, if OpenGEX will be popular it will apper in UE4… or somebody will do plug in faster considering they already doing plugins to different software for that format

Its not a matter of adoption but a matter of conversion, the fbx format is external and is only used for content creation and transferring from modeling software to the engine and back. So all some one would have to do is write a loader and exporter for UE4 and the methods to convert it to the internal format, and if wanted have a method to convert the internal format to OpenGex.

OpenGex specification file.
Comparison against OpenCollada
Import template source code. (not UE4 related but in general)