Open flat Archviz project

this is my first completed project. sort of… there are a lot of things that could be done further but I decided to move on. this project served its purpose as a training ground and I’ll transfer that knowledge to my next one. I was inspired by this project:, so naturally all design credits go the team behind it.

any comment and critique is more than welcome. if anyone has an idea on how to improve those ugly shadows please do tell me. world settings are as follows.

  • static lighting level - 0,5
  • num indirect lighting - 100
  • Indirect lighting quality - 4
  • indirect lighting smoothness - 1

all lightmaps are 256 - 2048 for walls and ceiling, and are all read color when viewed in Lightmap res mode, so I guess that shouldn’t be a problem. indirect lighting strength from light sources is 1, but on 3 or more I’ve experienced ugly splotches.
or objects are properly unwrapped and have enough padding (at least I think so) between UV islands…

anyway, I hope you’ll like it. cheers!

EDIT: made some tweaks to video and added music.

no comments at all? is it that bad?:confused:

Looks good to me. :slight_smile:

looks good and the shadows look okay :slight_smile: it looks very neutral… if you wanted that awesome … if not… try to add some more character to it with the post processing

phew, and here I thought nobody liked it! :wink: thx, guys.

I went for a look like in original renders. sadly I’m lousy when it comes to artistic approach. for now I’m just trying to learn the tool. I guess I’m on a right path then. :smiley:

Take a look at good Architectural photographers work to help on your artistic approach.