Open first person shooter with chosen level?

Hi guys,
I’m a architectural visualiser and using UE4 for first project. I am creating a small project where the first level is an brilliantly designed atrium space in first person view. and the second level is the same space but using the projectile, gun and arm mesh and everything in the scene has physics and is destructible. For this i have created 2 character blueprints standard FP and one with gun and arm mesh. Please can someone advise or suggest link on how best to load my mesh and gun only with my destructable level? many thanks guyssssss

You can create GameModes for each Level. The base Level will get the first GameMode. And the other Levels will get their GameMode but in the “Override” slot.
So you are overriding the original one.

In the GameMode you can select what Character Class the Game should spawn.

GameModes can be created by just creating a new Blueprint and selecting “GameMode” as the parent class.
Setting the GameMode for a level is done by opening the Level you want to add the GameMode to and clicking
on “Blueprints” at the top.

On the bottom of that menu, you can select the base GameMode in the second to the last “World Setting” thing.
And override it for the other levels in the last thing called something like “World Override”