Open double doors with sound


I have found a tutorial on youtube on how to open a single door. My need was to open double doors so I had to tweak it a bit. Since I am no blueprint power user (kinda newbie in blueprinting), I am wondering if the settings here are correct.

If I want to change the direction of the doors, I just invert the plugged right and left doors (timeline output)

Here is the result :

Now, I want to add a creaking door sound effect when the doors open or close. I’ve tried a few things, from sound attached to the meshes (not working, it starts when the scene starts), timeline and output to play a soound, not working… That’s where I very very need help !!! (hopefully it can help others too :wink: )

Thank you very much

One the line going from E to Play, just put a SoundSoundAttached ( and attach it to one of the doors ). Put then door close sound on the line going to Reverse.

Once you get that working, you will find the next problem is someone can walk up to the door and press E lots of times, which plays the sound lots of times.

Solution to that is the DoOnce node :slight_smile:

Hi ClockWorkOcean. Thank you for the answer.

This is what I did :

  • Spanw sound attached to component (doorLeafL) plugged between branch “true” and “play”. I can use a different sound when the doors close when another sound is plugged in false to reverse)

It works nicely. I also tried the DoOnce node. So useful ! But I cannot get it right. It acts on the doors themselves so they only work once :)…