Open door after answering quiz

Hey I have created a quiz. What I am wanting to do is open a door after answering all quiz questions correctly. I have it so a congrats widget is shown and then what I want to see is the door opening through a matinee. How do I open the door through matinee after widget is removed

Hi AlyssaK86 All you need to do is to set some Variables(Bools) to know what and how many quiz you completed.
When all the quiz is completed you need to set a Custom Event to run the animation of the opening door through the matinee.

as tht_nick said you can just check if all the questions were answered correctly and then show the congrats widget which i think you know how to do. if you want to know how to use matinee check this out: UE4 Tutorial - Open a Door with the E Key - Matinee Sequence & Blueprints - YouTube

or just search on yt for more examples.

hello Iam student can help me open door after answer some question if answer correct the door open and if dont answer not open can help me