Open/close two doors simultaneously? (More efficient way?)

I followed the tutorial Intro to Level Creation: Blueprint Doorway cont | 10 | v4.7 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube on how to script a door that slides open when in proximity to it. I managed to adjust it to work on two doors moving in opposite directions but since I’m new to Unreal, I feel that there is a more efficient way. In the way I got it working, I used two trigger boxes. When I tried to use one, the doors opened but only the one on the right closed. Is there a way I can have the “reverse” on the Timeline for the door on the left to also work?

See pictures below. Higher resolution at


Both doors are dynamic meshes? if one is settled to static it won´t move. Also, check if the doors aren´t colliding with anything, if they are, they will not move. Also, to your second Blueprint, use a Sequence to activate the reverse node for both doors, like this picture for example:

Yes this worked :smiley: