open close moveable doors lighting mix with static light on the level... how?


im currently working on archviz level. static lighing bake seems ok but some problem with moveble doors lighting mix with level static lighting builded light level and i dont figure out how.

any advice? workaroud solutions? i know static and dynamic lighting big problem this type levels but… how can i mix moveable doors lighting with rest of scene actors? im using dynamic indirect shadow solutions but seems not good. (i tried volume cell size lower but not effects)

Moveable doors will always look a bit different than static object. And you have only indirect lighting inside your building. This doesn’t work well with dynamic objects at the moment. I would recommend to leave the doors always open.

well thx for reply. i aggree with you. i think unreal’s precomputed gi need improve.

It’s an issue with the nature of a door, the lighting on one side is extremely different from the lighting on the other, the lighting system for dynamic objects interpolates lighting samples from around the object, so lighting from one side of the door will affect the appearance of the whole door rather than just the side that the lighting is on.

i think unreal precomputed skill need improve. like unity… with enlighten fully dynamic precomputed lighting must be. in this point lpv or dynamic indirect shadow not enough like this or similar illumination. we need different solution on unreal .

Enlighten doesn’t work with dynamic objects, doors would have the same issue.

You could try the checkbox on the moveable door static mesh actor called “Light As If Static”.

yes i am mistaken, you are right.

I tried it. This is a different problem in particular.

With 4.18 and volumetric light maps, “Light As If Static” definitely isn’t as important or needed. So you are using capsule shadows for indirect shadows? In theory it should work, I got good results using capsule indirect shadows for contact shadows on a move-able couch and on a fan. I wonder if you could get better results with Distance Field Ambient Occlusion.

There is no easy way to overcome this limitation with static GI. Even if you manage to get the door itself looking right with volumetric lightmaps, you won’t get proper light on the walls and floors. If you set the door to not cast static shadows, light will “bleed” from the lighter room to the darker room and it will look wrong when your dynamic door is closed. If you set it to cast static shadows and calculate lightmaps with it closed, lighting will look wrong when the dynamic door is open for obvious reasons.

The only way to overcome this is to tweak the static lighting in your environment, placing artificial and natural lights carefully so the difference between lighting in both rooms is minimal when the door is opened. Then you can add some dynamic lights on top of that and play with lights and shadows to add some depth to your scene.