Open/Close Doors or Drawers dragging mouse (Amnesia Style)

Can we achieve something like this awesome feature of Amnesia series in BP?

Most certainly.

Check out the OnClicked and OnReleased mouse Events. You could use these to move your Door/Draw by how much the mouse moves while its still holding onto them.

Yeah, maybe it could be something like that… but i can’t found anything more specific about it.
Do someone knows a tutorial for this?

check this thread

It’s also in the content examples player character

Thanks for the reply!
But that’s not what I’m looking for…
I’m talking about the door and drawer system of amnesia. You have to use the mouse (dragging) to open and close things like that.

No one? :\

Add me on Skype and ill run you through an example project i quickly threw together.

Project Download.

The draws need some work to be fully functional, but it gives you a basic idea. (The door isnt part of your request, it was to help another UE4 user out :stuck_out_tongue: ).