Open/Close a Menu with the same key

Hey, I have a problem with closing a widget (Pause Menu) with the same key i opened it. I wanted to make 2 Options to close it: First one is the Resume Button which is working great and then theres pressing the same key again and this is not working :confused:


Open/Close Blueprint:

Does it do anything when the button is pressed? It may be as simple as selecting the input action event you have and going to the datils panel to enable it to work when game is paused (i dont remember the exact wording but it will be something like execute on paused. It should be near the top)

Hasnt change anything :confused:

And no it doesnt go to the True Part of the Branch no matter what i press.

It is because if you have a blueprint this gets paused and if you press the key it doesnt do anything because it is paused.

And how can i unpause it?

Only if you press on the key event and check the box execute when paused.
The Input Mode needs to be Ui and Game

But if you close it with a button in a widget the flipflop tries to close it again when you press it.

Did you fix it? or still searching for a solution?

If you want to Open and Close a widget using the same button, all you need to do is just put a Flip Flop, atleast that’s how i do it.

Correct, once pressed = open the widget, press it again = close it…and so on.

What you want is when you click a button some widget to popup, and when you press it again to close and go so on? Right?

Create 2 branches

Start like this. Fvnex

Bit wants also a Button in the Widget to close it

He already has one?

Yes Look at the Pictures at the top.

But it works, doesen’t it?

This works but the key event doesnt work because he probably didnt check the box or did change the Input Mode

Well there are still problems:

  1. With a FlipFlop you have to press The button 2 times after you close it (with my current Resume Button)
  2. Its still not working

But thanks for your help, I didnt noticed that someone answered this post so Im a little bit late :smiley: