Open and close hand based on holding weapon or not

I have a character who can either be hold a weapon or not, If the character is holding a weapon I want to change the pose of the character so that instead of having a flat open hand he grips the weapon.

Could anyone tell me what I need to be looking at to achieve this? I anyone could point to some tutorials on the correct subject I would be massively grateful.


I also need help with this issue.

Hi, I figured this out eventually. its dead easy. You just have to have a Boolean in your character which has equipped or unequipped then merge the animations based on it, have to a static animation/pose that is just the character with the hand closed (assuming the default pose has the hand open. if the default pose is hand closed then vice versa) and voila, there is a tutorial here on blending animations.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks.

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