Opacity grey values being ignored???

Hey there trying to make a dirty window material via Substance Designer and getting strange results.

ie in SD I have this Opacity map…


but when I import it into UE4 I get this result…


even though it seems to be using the right Opacity map it seems to be ignoring the grey values and just using black or white even though I have the Blend Mode of the material set to Masked (any other settings don’t work).


Am i missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Or when I change to Translucent blend mode I lose my Normal, Metallic and Roughness options :frowning:

you are using a Masked. As the name suggests, it only knows values of 1 and 0. That’s why grey values are either 1 or 0.

Change your material to translucent and change the Translucency Lighting Mode to

this way you can enable roughness, specularity etc.