OPACITY ANIMATION - Is it possible?

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to find if it’s possible at all to do opacity animations in Unreal Engine.

Here’s a short sample of what I’m trying to achieve, done in another software:

QUARTI V5 2x - Youtube

So far, the only way to do it that I know is to convert any materials of each object into translucent materials, so we have the opacity channel unlocked. However, doing this breaks the material on other ways, like blocking the reflection channel.

Also, sry if I’m posting this in the wrong forum subchannel, I couldn’t find any “questions” category.


Doesn’t need to be transparent. Could just use a masked material.
Dithering could potentially look odd, but you may not even notice it when it goes as fast as you have the sample play out…

Hey, thanks for the answer!

I’ve tried the masked opacity option with the dithering, however the result was extremely bad, the dither and artifacts were quite noticeable. I did only visualized it on the viewport though. I’m gonna try to export on the movie render queue to see if I have a better output.

Maybe you can change some meshes opacity trough post process material.

It’s still essentially dithered unless you actually use transparent materials.
And using transparent materials means getting not-so-good or proper lighting if you build lights…