Oodle missing header file on GitHub (6 branches affected)


I’m here to inform blame

commit d90da4ab1af73942ea27ce8261e5c3520103550b

Affected branches:
4.20 - dev-core - dev-vr - master - promoted - staging-4.20


Z:\Dev\UE4\Master\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\PacketHandlers\CompressionComponents\Oodle\Source\OodleHandlerComponent\Private\OodleCustomCompressor.cpp(3): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘oodle2.h’: No such file or directory
UnrealBuildTool : error : UBT ERROR: Failed to produce item: Z:\Dev\UE4\Master\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\PacketHandlers\CompressionComponents\Oodle\Binaries\Win64\NotForLicensees\UE4Editor-OodleHandlerComponent.dll

oodle2.h is missing from the commit.

I’m also getting an issue of oodle2.h being stated as missing, when compiling the promoted branch on Linux, as of May 29 2018.

You could delete the plugin, it’s not necessary for work. That will let compiler to finish.

I think this commit should(not tested) fix that, but it’s only on 4.20 branch, so you have to pull it manually (or just write it down, it’s a few lines only).


Tested and, yes, it is solved the issue.