OnOverlapBegin with Components?

I’m not sure how to articulate the question, so forgive me if you don’t understand what I’m trying to ask. I’ve been trying to get a component of my main class to trigger an OnOverlapBegin event when it overlaps a block, which is a child of ParentShape (the class with the OnOverlapBegin event). This component is attached to my cursor, and therefore has a cursor mesh. However, once the component that should be overlapping the block does so, this parent function is never even called. I am certain that the block mesh and cursor mesh are both overlapping each other. Might I have the wrong idea of what OnOverlapBegin does?

Here is the code. None of these logs are appearing, which means the event isn’t being fired.

If someone could tell me what the issue is, I would be very grateful (I’ll also answer any questions to clarify things),

I figured out that I didn’t make the OnOverlapBegin a UFUNCTION, which was preventing it from firing the event; it works now.

I also realize that those final 3 log outputs should be in else statements. I don’t know how to lock this topic (if that’s even possible), but no further replies are necessary, thanks.