Onnx & Oculus

Hello people, i have problem for to charge a model ONNX in Oculus.

Network = NewObject<UNeuralNetwork>(TransientPackage, UNeuralNetwork::StaticClass());
FString FileName = TEXT("PoseUp.onnx");
FString SavePath = FPaths::ConvertRelativePathToFull(FPaths::ProjectSavedDir()) + FileName;
const FString& ONNXModelFilePath = SavePath;



LogModelProtoFileReader: Warning: FModelProtoConverter::ConvertFromONNXProto3(): Due to a known linking error when used together with the UEAndORT back end during game mode, this function is disabled.

LogNeuralNetworkInference: Warning: FImplBackEndUEOnly::Load(): ReadModelProtoFromFile failed.

this error only show in oculus.