OnMouseButtonDown stops execution OnKeyDown

I have a indepth system for changing the keyboard and mouse bindings.
And in that system I using OnMouseButtonDown and OnKeyDown functions.
They are being used in a widget BP.

The problem is that for some reason when OnMouseButtonDown fuction is being executed stops OnKeyDown to be executed afterwards, no responce at all.

Did some one else had the same problem?

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi MasterChief_UA,

Did you make sure to remove “consume input” from your button events?

Hello ,

Im not sure where I can access “consume input”.

I have buttons with thext on top of them and when I click the button It enters the mode (enabling boolean) where OnMouseButtonDown or OnKeyDown would fire. Also these buttons have deselected “Is focusable” becouse when I press certain keys like Tab it would produce a wrong responce like focusing the next button.

So Im guessing that when I pressing a key and it registeres in OnMouseButtonDown the Button that i clicked on to start would loose focus or something but I thought if it had Is focusable" it wouldnt matter.