OnMouseButtonDown only works every other click

It’s not exactly every other click, I just didn’t know how else to phrase the title. It works fine if you click slowly (wait at least 1-2 seconds between clicking), but if you rapidly click it only works for about every other click. I’m not sure what’s causing it. Here’s what the blueprint looks like:

I’m concerned about the right-clicking, not the dragging. The dragging works fine. This is in my “slot” widget for my inventory, right clicking will remove the item from that slot. The slot widget looks like this:

The OnMouseButtonDown is bound to the image, and the image is set to visible, so it blocks the button. The button is just to change the background to white when hovering.

Thanks for your help!

Ya the error is coming because the first click is setting the focus and the second is actually running the code there’s a event to set focus I’m not at my pc atm so I don’t know the event when I get home I’ll answer if no one else has but it’s a focus issue

Yea update me when you can, but I’ll look into that, thank you