OnMontageEnded_Event, montage parameter is always none


We got a problem. I am not sure if it is a bug or something else. Basically, the following simple blueprint which handle de the OnMontageEnded_Event. However, when event was triggered, from OnMontageEnded_Event, the Montage value is always None, we cannot tell which montage is end. Do you know how to retrieve such information or it is a known bug?


Hi mgffrankmli,

Are you using version 4.5 currently?


“OnMontageEnded_Event” shown in the above image is Custom Event which the user added, not provided by Unreal Engine. So we don’t know how the parameters were set and when the event was called. Could you please show more details about OnMontageEnded_Event?



I am the colleague of who started this thread. We are using 4.4.3 version.

Basically, when I started a “Bind Event to On MontageEnded” , the Custom Event showed automatically, I can just rename it. However the Custom Event interface which has two inputs, “Montage” and “Interrupted” is a native interface of UE4. So you probably can try select “Assign Event to OnMontageEneded” in Animation Blue, you will see UE4 just create two nodes which one is “Bind…” and another is “…Custom Event”.

So after the custom event is bond, when montage is ended, this event is called. In the event, the “Montage” value is always none.

I try another event,“Bind Event to OnMontageBlendingOut”. This one could return the correct name of the current Montage.

I test this on version 4.5, it was same as 4.4.3.

I fixed this for 4.6. Thanks for the report.