Only use Stick, not D-pad, with IsFocusable


I’ve got my menu working like it should with IsFocusable. The problem is, I want to select items from inventory to a toolbelt with D-pad keys. But using D-pad with IsFocusable activated also navigates the menu.

Is there an easy way to force stick control in the Widgets only and disable D-pad for the menu?

I’m not sure the easiest way but first, How are the D pad inputs set up in your Project Settings? Do they map to the same input events as your thumbsticks? You could map them to a different input event than their thumbstick equivalents. Then if you still want them to control movement of the pawn you just connect them to the same execution wires as the thumbstick input events, but DONT connect the thumbstick input events to the ones that control your UMG actions that drop items into your inventory. Those can be separate functions instead of navigation directions.

That might work. I havent tried it but its an idea. let me know if it works.

Hi! I currently only have the D-pad as action mappings for the toolbelt slots (kind of like action bars for fast use of anything you put there from inventory). When you use InFocus for gamepad support in Widgets, D-pad and stick are both default to navigate.

It was actually easier to fix than I though, I just created a function with a long “bool or” for each D-pad key. If one of them is pressed, it returns false and does not change the widget focus.

It would be so much easier if you could change it in editor or project preferences though to turn it on or off.

I have the same issue… And additionally can’t seem to find the place in my widgets where I can add this boolean check. I’ll have to dig a bit deeper it seems.

Doubling down on wanting this to be a simpler venture!