Only last linked object gets imported from Blender

Hi Everyone,

I’m importing a model from Blender 2.75a that has some locally linked (alt D) objects - but only the last object that was linked shows up. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


I dont know exactly what you mean with locally linked objects (alt d just duplicates the mesh), but make sure that you have unchecked “selected objects” in the export settings :slight_smile:

Alt-D creates an instance. I think, technically, you still only have 1 object in your scene when you go to export. You need to make the objects unique.

Hey guys!

Yeah kennyrosenyc is right alt-D creates an instance (meaning that if you change one of them, they all change - which is great for models with lots of repeating objects) and shift-D is just a plain copy.

I’d just like to mention that Unity handles these linked objects with no problems, so I tend to think that it must be more a case of User Error on my side and that there is some setting that I need to find.

So, how to solve this then… Ideally I’d like to keep my instanced objects, because every time I change something I’d rather not have to delete all the copies and replace it with the new one.

But if Unreal can’t read the instances I guess each time I export, I’ll need to come up with a quick way of making all the instances independent objects.

If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

There’s a button in Blender that does that in the objects panel I think. You have to do it for each object, but unless there are a thousand of them it shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

U->object and data?

Thanks guys, yep so just before exporting I know take all the linked duplicates and u, object and data them. Once it’s exported I just use the Blender history list and go back to my state just before I unlinked them. It’s working well at the moment, well enough, I hope blender or ue4 come up with a better solution at some point! Hehe

Thanks everyone

Try to ask this guys, maybe they can do this process automated in their addons

Modo and Maya opens file like unity with all objects and only ue4 opens with 1 object, maybe its a bug in ue4 importer

Old thread, but nevertheless if anyone is interested: You can find a bug report at Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-23771), but it is “backlogged”. I think it means that the developers fix it depending on their moods, probably never.