Only fracture on initial hit - DM


Pardon my lack of knowledge but I’m very new to blueprint.

My issue is regarding destructible meshes. I’m trying to simulate a machine gun breaking up parts of a stone wall. I used the built in First person shooter project. Everything is default. This video link it a good example of what I’m looking for. (I have tried with these video settings along with many other to no avail)

Thanks every one for the help.

Here is a screen shot of my current DM settings.

Hi Dulonic,

When you get the initial hit, is it destroying the entire mesh, or are chunks still sticking together? If it’s destroying the entire mesh the damage being applied from the physics object (the Yellow Ball Mesh) is applying enough damage that it fractures all the chunks leaving no room for support. If that’s the case, you can do several different things.

  • You can lower the Damage Spread to an even lower value like 0.01 or more.
  • You can lower the Impact Damage to an even lower value.
  • Or try setting the Damage Cap to a value like 100 or 150. This way it will take multiple hits to add up to the 300 Damage Threshold to break any chunks free.

I hope this helps.