Only four vector fields working in blueprint

Hi there,

Got a problem with multiple vector fields inside blueprint, only 4 instances working. After I add +1 vector field some of already created stops working, and after blueprint recompile not working field may change. So it looks like random 4 instances is working and rest just not counting.

I’ve already reproduced this problem in clear project. I’m using simple vector field where all vectors faced one direction.

and placed in level this blueprint acts really weird

The reason why I need so many vector fields is simple - Blueprint controlled flow of GPU particles (huge amount) that also will collide with world using Mesh distance fields. CPU particles with their Acceleration module is not a solution because its hard to create complex movement for particles and control it in-game.

I’ve already spent a week on this problem, project is not moving on. It will be nice to hear some ideas. Thanks.

Maybe thats the limit, check the logs if something is poping out (Window->Development Tools->Output Log, keep it opened it very very useful window that keeps you informed)

Thanks for advice, Log seems to be a good debug tool. But all I got after recompile is :

BlueprintLog: New page: Compile vectorfields

BlueprintEditorCompileResults: Info [0395.09] Compile of vectorfields successful! [in 64 ms]

Rest of log looks pretty normal.

Hope someone from Staff can confirm that its engine limit (haven’t seen such info in docs) or just a bug.

I’d also be interested in hearing about this.

Just copying the answer from a similar question.

Only 4 most relevant vector fields will affect your particles. This is a limitation of how it is hardcoded, probably considering performance/usability factors.

If you are fine with recompiling the engine yourself, you can edit
MAX_VECTOR_FIELDS in both particle simulation shader and C++ code, and uncomment several lines to expand support for more fields at once, but generally, it is not very practical.